Wedding Films

We at Ozen Studios believe in creating high-end fun, emotional and breathtaking wedding films that our clients actually want, and love to watch. Each video is personalized, with attention to detail, because every love story is unique in its own way.

Malav and Nikita | Teaser

Malav and Nikita | Lipdub

Manav and Vivani | Teaser

Manav and Vivani | Lipdub

Farah and Anubhav | Teaser

Farah and Anubhav | Lipdub

 Natasha and Karan | Teaser

Aashim and Kunwar | Teaser

Aashim and Kunwar | Lipdub

Richa and Ankit | Prewedding

Jannat and Jatin | Teaser

Jannat and Jatin | Lipdub

Aniruddh and Shubhi | Lipdub

Aniruddh and Shubhi | Teaser

Esha and Jigar | Lipdub

Esha and Jigar | Teaser

Aashim and Kunwar | Prewedding

Swati and Ayush | Prewedding

Sanchit and Alisha | Prewedding

Shradha and Anubhav | Prewedding